3 characteristics that differentiate prefabricated houses from modular ones

by | Nov 24, 2021

prefabricated houses

In the constant search to evolve in the construction of houses, the use of different construction systems has been increasing; among them, prefabricated houses and modular ones.

Prefabricated and modular houses are sometimes mistaken for one another, but they are two different construction systems. Prefabricated houses are complete houses and ready to be used, while modular ones are made by complete modules in the factory and they can continue to be adapted as required.

At Carolina Custom Homes we will show you the main characteristics that make the difference between a prefabricated house and a modular house.



Prefabricated and modular houses: know how they differ from each other


Prefabricated houses


This design corresponds to a complete house, obtained through parts made in a factory and which are then assembled on the site or plot destined for its placement following a standard design.

This construction methodology has been on the rise since the 30s, however, it is regaining strength as a trend in the area of ​​the manufacture of houses as a quick and economical housing solution.




  1. Their design is standard and they are very light which facilitates their transportation and assembly.
  2. They are very quick to build and cheaper than modular homes.
  3. The quality control required for a prefabricated house is less strict compared to the one for modular houses.


Modular houses


The structure and locks of this type of house are built entirely by modules in the factory using modern technologies and transported by cranes to be placed at their final destination, where their assembly is concluded.




  1. These houses are very resistant, safe, and of rapid construction and installation, friendly with the environment from its construction, and with personalized designs that allow the client to choose beautiful and very attractive finishes.


  1. They are cheaper than a traditional house, but more expensive than prefabricated houses because unlike them, a modular house can be larger due to all the modules that can be attached; also, because they have exclusive designs.


  1. Maximum precision! The state-of-the-art design programs used to build a 3D module in a short time ensure that it fits perfectly into what is called a chain reaction. It means that once the first one is built, those that you want to build and add in a later stage will mesh perfectly.



Do you have a housing project in mind with either of these two options?


If you are interested in a modular or prefabricated home, then you already have the basic tools to distinguish one from the other, which makes you fully aware of your own decision.

We love being able to clear up your doubts through concrete advice and also participate in some way in what is important to you, such as the desire to have a new house; a project that you can crystallize right now.

Contact us if you require the assistance of professionals to achieve that goal, we will gladly meet with you and help you achieve your goal.

Mike Goubran

Mike Goubran

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