7 benefits of using driven piles in construction

by | Oct 20, 2020

driven piles

Did you know that driven piles are congruently long and thin columns which are also made of prefabricated materials, shaped and sized in advance for construction?

The prefabrication of driven piles facilitates their inspection during and after being placed into the ground. Their installation is achieved by driving them into the soil using percussion, pressing, or vibration.

The function of driven piles is to offer support and load bearing as a foundation technique. Would you like to know more about driven piles? Visit us and we will gladly advise you on this matter.


These are the main benefits of using driven piles in construction


  1. Excellent quality: all driven piles comply with ASTM standards and are made with natural materials or prefabricated structural shapes built with precise tolerances with high resistance materials of proven quality. Driven piles are a true engineering solution.
  1. They are profitable: driven piles are the best option when building or cementing a construction project since they are inexpensive and adjustable to the needs of the work. Besides, their installation does not require additional expenses either before or after insertion.
  1. Maximum adaptability: driven piles certainly adapt to everything; they can be placed in the way that the construction requires and are also chosen according to other materials in the project to satisfy the structural needs. They can be made of steel, wood, concrete, or even a combination of these two materials in one piece.
  1. Reliability and availability: driven piles are easy to obtain since they are available throughout the country; they are also very reliable regardless of whether their installation is vertical, horizontal, or inclined since this will depend on the type of support that is sought after. The installation is carried out using a certain amount of blow count determined by the depth in which they are required to be inserted.
  1. They are eco-friendly: generally, driven piles are eco-friendly. They do not generate waste or dangerous materials for the soil. Once the piles have been placed, everything is ready to continue the construction work.
  1. Residual benefits: driving piles is generally easily applied to different soils. While being pushed into the ground, they displace and compact the soils without causing large removals or deformations. The soil where driven piles are going to be placed does not require curing which benefits the progress of the work (there is no need to move the equipment) and provides resistance since they can be inserted perfectly in sequence.
  1. Alternative uses: in addition to being used as deep foundations, they can also be used in various ways such as retaining walls, bulkheads, anchoring structures, mooring, and cofferdams, as well as embankments supported by other piles.


Driven piles, the best alternative to cement construction projects


As you can see, there are many benefits to using driven piles in construction, a practice that is increasingly growing and it’s also considered the solution for engineering.

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Mike Goubran

Mike Goubran

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