7 spectacular Herringbone brick pattern ideas to customize your place

by | Jun 23, 2021

Herringbone brick

Herringbone brick pattern: We call pattern to how bricks are arranged in a space. This is what marks the difference when it comes to decorating that area, and even to the energies that it transmits, not to mention it also gives a sensation of size variation in that perimeter.

Using herringbone bricks is the perfect and magnificent option to beautify walkways, patios, roadways, and even walls. Moreover, it is by arranging them in a V shape (spiked work) that you will obtain all the durability they offer since this is the way they support the most weight.

Today, we, at Carolina Custom Homes bring you 7 spectacular herringbone brick patterns to customize any area.


7 spectacular herringbone brick patterns to customize any area.


  1. Zigzag pattern: this pattern is achieved by arranging the bricks in an L- shape or a V-shape, giving you precisely the effect of a herringbone.

This design transmits dynamism and displays the illusion of intense activity. Do you want a thrilling, lively space to stroll around?


  1. Basketweave: this design or pattern for brick arrangement is basically a large square containing smaller squares in it which are placed in pairs by alternating their position both vertically and horizontally. It is a beautiful pattern that conveys precision and calmness.


  1. Stack bond: it is a pretty contemporary pattern that consists of laying rows of bricks in parallel columns. It gives the sensation of greater amplitude.


  1. Circular stake bond: this pattern can be executed by circularly arranging the bricks, and it’s comparable to the shape of a cake. The adjusting or tightening will depend on the person’s preference.


  1. Running bond: It defines a half-circle or curvature where the seams must not align or the pattern would dissipate. It is a beautiful design for whichever space you decide to use.


  1. Soldier course: this pattern is ideal for narrow roads because it creates the optical illusion of always marching forward since bricks are laid side-by-side vertically. This can be perfectly combined with other patterns.


  1. Herringbone: This is a pretty striking pattern with a life of its own that adds a lot of personality to each space. It can be placed in straight lines with invariable spacing between them.

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