7 template routing tips from Carolina Custom Homes

by | Nov 28, 2020

template routing

A template is a system that guides and allows the construction of a pattern design safely and quickly.

A router is an electric or hand tool which function is to hollow out or rout materials such as wood or plastic.

If you are familiarized with those basic concepts then you already possess a great array of opportunities to develop any project that you have in mind in a concrete, precise and fast way.


template routing


These are the 7 best template routing tips proposed by Carolina Custom Homes


  1. Utilize template routing for fast reproduction: they can be utilized in any kind of industry in large quantities, reproducing up to 100 perfect images starting from a pattern.
  1. Make your projects easier: For example, curved or difficult parts are made easier by using template routing, obtaining higher quality in less time. Imagine obtaining creative and exact work!
  1. Making a rough cut on the workpiece: if you do this, you won’t need the excess material and thus the router will not work too much. This way, you take care of the tools and obtain greater benefits and the desired results: precise templates.
  1. Use a base to cover the template area: it should be wide and long as it will support the router, preventing it from falling into the open space of the template. These are measures that must be taken into account to guarantee a longer useful life to the tool and beauty to the piece.
  1. Rely on auxiliary tools to shape the templates: Both the disc sander for exterior curves and the oscillating spindle sander for interior curves file router templates, making them smoother and finer while achieving the best finishes like a professional.
  1. Securely immobilize the templates while using the router: You can use toggle clamps, which are the ones that work perfectly when holding the templates while you work with the router, preventing the pieces from moving.
  1. For safe starting use a start pin: this minimizes kickback and gives you a grip to hold on to when the template requires full routing.


You can do it with Caroline Custom Homes


As you can see, building your own designs using template routing is easier than you thought.

If you already have this tool and want to develop a project, don’t think twice, just get advice from experts on the subject and start your dream of creating your designs right away.

And if you are looking for a company to support you in this task, contact us, we have trained personnel to provide you with advice. We will gladly give you a hand.

Mike Goubran

Mike Goubran

Mike Goubran, owner of Carolina Development and Properties, LLC, and its affiliate, Carolina Custom Homes and Renovations, LLC, has been building homes in the Charlotte area for over 20 years. Mike graduated with a degree in Construction Management from East Carolina University and went on to receive a Master of Business Administration from Queens University in Charlotte. He has been a Licensed General Contractor since 1999 and currently holds this designation in both North and South Carolina. Mike is also a Certified Green Professional and is a member of the National Association of Home Builders. Carolina Custom Homes and Renovations is also an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau.

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