Learn how to hang kitchen cabinets like a pro

by | Sep 21, 2020

Kitchen cabinets

Nowadays, having a beautiful and trendy kitchen can be a real challenge for anyone. High costs along with the fact that not everyone is qualified to perform this type of service or work make it difficult to even consider remodeling or making some changes in the kitchen. Nevertheless, at Carolina Custom Homes, we provide you with some practical tips so you can learn how to hang cabinets in your kitchen like a pro.

5 tips to learn how to hang kitchen cabinets like a pro in a heartbeat

Here are 5 simple steps you need to follow when it comes to installing your new kitchen cabinets:

  1. Prepare the area where you’re going to install the cabinets: it is advisable to give the wall where the cabinets are going to be placed a fresh coat of paint; in the same manner, if the floor is worn out and you want to change it, this is the perfect occasion to go through with it.

install cabinets

  1. Distribute space wisely by carefully measuring the area: if the area intended for the installation of the new cabinets is the same as usual then you can use that pattern as a guide, however, you can also restructure the space according to your needs by modifying what you consider might require some modifications.

It will be more practical, functional, and lovely. Something that you must take into account is improving the height of the upper cabinets so you can easily reach them.

  1. Keep all the necessary tools and materials close to carrying out your project: You will probably make good use of some of the screws from the old cabinets you’re uninstalling, but it’s still essential to make a list of everything you need to avoid interruptions once you start your project.

Prevention is your best ally.

  1. Start with the upper cabinets preferably by a corner: upper cabinets should be installed first so we don’t have work on top of lower cabinets.

Starting the installation by a corner facilitates the work and allows us to place the cabinets in an adequate order while using space intelligently.

  1. Finish with the lower cabinets: delimit the space between the beams for the lower cabinets and proceed to place them while making sure they are correctly aligned to avoid unevenness and achieve perfect adjustment and installation.

kitchen cabinets

Install the cabinets of your dreams and enjoy an avant-garde kitchen!

As you can see with a little creativity and some patience you can learn how to change and hang kitchen cabinets by yourself. Nevertheless, it is always important to ask for help from a friend or a professional. It is also recommendable to get brochures at cabinet factories with specific measures of your purchase so you can confidently measure and organize the space for their installation. At Carolina Custom Homes, we offer you concrete advice from professionals in the field. We have highly qualified personnel ready to attend your inquiries. Contact us!

Mike Goubran

Mike Goubran

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